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May 26, 2015

Intercontinental Hotel
Bucharest, Romania



Radu Puchiu
Secretary of State, Government of Romania

Radu joined the Government of Romania in 2012 as State Counselor to the Prime Minister for IT&C and online services.
In 2013 he was appointed as State Secretary in Prime Minister’s Chancellery and co-ordinator of the implementation of Open Government Partnership in Romania.
Between 2009 and 2012 he was working in online marketing where he used the experience in Governmental area as well as the knowledge accumulated in eGovernment Programs in Singapore and Austria (2006 and 2007).
His previous experience include 6 years as Head of Information Technology Department in Victoria Palace (Headquarter of Romanian Government) and over 6 years as Project Manager for more 100 online projects for different Romanian companies.
In 2008, Radu Puchiu was the IT&C Coordinator of the NATO Summit in Bucharest.

Diana Voicu
Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice
(former Secretary of State, Ministry for Information Society)

My current territory of work at the Ministry of Justice is surrounded by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Romanian judicial system with innovative and integrated solutions, as fundamental for strengthening the public sector’s trust among citizens.
My professional achievements have been powered by working towards developing policies, strategies and projects that have put Romania on the European digital map, for more than 10 years. Before joining the Ministry of Justice, I served as a Secretary of State within the Ministry for Information Society. The most valuable contribution was developing the National Strategy on Digital Agenda for Romania 2020, which aims to drive Romanian citizens and businesses to get the most out of the new technologies and help boost the national economy accordingly. Another recognition was leading towards success “Knowledge based Economy”, the most innovative ICT-based programme in Romania, a European and internationally recognized project that revived 255 k-deprived rural communities via intelligent use of modern technologies.
Previously, as General Director for Information Society in the Ministry of resort for 4 years, I coordinated the definition and review of the national policies for e-inclusion, ICT in pre-university education, eGovernment for local and central administration, acting also as a national coordinator for several systemic IT&C projects.
I established and extended relationships with European Commission and World Bank, public and private organizations, professional and academic bodies and media in order to create a common perspective for enabling the shift of Romania towards a Knowledge based Society.

Varujan Pambuccian
Member, Commission for Information Technology and Communications of the Chamber of Deputies

Amalia Sterescu
Senior Business Consultant, Outsourcing Advisors

Leader and Intrapreneur trained within several globally-relevant corporations, for the past 16 years she lead telecom and IT&C start-ups in Romania, India or China, her last role in the corporate world being Oracle Vice President.
Currently, she is an entrepreneur, founded her own consultancy company: Outsourcing Advisors, as well as a Public Speaking School – a tool for all entrepreneurs, senior managers or professionals who wish to employ public speaking as an alternative channel to promote and sale or to cultivate personal brand.
In the future, her efforts will focus on educating and training market leaders on the local outsourcing market, on expanding the education process of public speaking professionals as well as introducing this as an optional subject in as many schools as possible.
Favorite quote: " It always seems impossible until it’s done" - Nelson Mandela."

Valerica Dragomir
Executive Director ANIS

Valerica Dragomir has been working for ANIS – Employers’ association of the Software and Services Industry in Romania - since 2005 and has almost 15 years of experience in business support services. Valerica has been involved in strategic planning, as well as execution, for most of the association’s programs and projects – events, training programs, consulting and support services, advocacy programs – and acts as ANIS’ spokesperson.
Valerica Dragomir earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Public Relations from the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, in 2001.

Francesca Postolache
Partner, Audit Services, PwC Romania

Mihaela Robu
Acting Head of ACCA - South-Eastern Europe

Recently she has taken the role of Acting Head of ACCA SEE
She started working with ACCA South Eastern Europe 6 years ago as Business Development Manager. Being part of the largest global association for professionals in the finance field offered her the possibility to acquire an extensive experience in working with both internal and external stakeholders, with organizations from different fields of business including the outsourcing one.

Dan Zaharia
Senior Leasing Consultant, EXTIND Management

Actively promoting and leasing modern green office buildings developed by relevant developers in Romania, in the regional secondary cities such as Iasi and Cluj-Napoca. Founder of RoGBC Moldova (Romania Green Building Council – Moldova Chapter) and Site Manager at Scoala Informala de IT (IT Informal School).